• D.O.B: October 1990
  • Kiting since late 2005
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Home: Sunshine Coast
  • 2010 PKRA World Champion
  • 2010 Australian National Champion

I have been a keen surfer since I was 7 years old. My favourite place to surf was out the front of my house on an open beach break where there were groups of kiteboarders who frequently did downwinders past me. The sport of kiteboarding always intrigued me solely because the thought of controlling a kite to power you on a board seemed so revolutionary. I watched the kiters very intently as they passed. I wanted to do what they did.

For my 15th birthday my parents bought me my first lesson. Soon after I bought an 8 metre kite and a board. The days it was windy I was out on the water, and the days it wasn’t I was practising jumping on the beach. Regardless of the conditions I was constantly practising and flying my kite.

After I was up and riding, I went to Perth, Western Australia for a family holiday. Here I got a lot more sessions than I would normally get at home. When I returned home I knew that kiteboarding had taken over my surfing.

Six months later I started to compete in the Australian National competitions. I got some good results in the junior divisions in both waveriding and freestyle. Although I liked both, I decided to focus mainly on freestyle.

I spent the next 18 months kiting at home and going in as many national events as possible. I also got the chance to go to Vanuatu with the Australian Kiteboarder Magazine to shoot for the next edition of the magazine and was selected to participate in the North Young Blood Camp 2007 in Egypt. These were my first experiences of kiting overseas and I found that I really enjoyed kiting at these new, more challenging locations.

Late 2007, I returned to Perth to kite at Woodmans Point. It is such a good spot to both consolidate on your tricks and learn new ones. From Woodmans I had the opportunity to travel to Cape Town, South Africa to kite with world class kiters like Aaron Hadlow and Ruben Lenten. It was such a good experience to kite with these guys and I learnt a lot from the trip.

In 2008, I did a few events and had some great results but it was really in 2009 where it all started to come together. I set myself a goal at the start of the year to finish in the top 5 overall and after competing in every tour event for the year, I achieved my goal and finished 5th.

Australian International Trade Association Helps Businesses

Australian International Trade Association Helps Businesses

The Australian International Trade Association and Michael Guo are going to help businesses that are trying to do sales and other business in the country. There are so many chances for you to get into the country and make money, and you need to make sure that you have worked with the Australian International Trade Association to get what you need. The company is going to be there to help you when you need it the most, and they are going to make sure that you are always able to make more money in the country.

They are there to show you that the Australian International Trade Association can help you make sure that you can help with business, and the Australian International Trade Association will be there to help you when you want to open an office or find customers that you need. There are incredible people who are going to help you make sure that you have gotten the chance to improve the way that you manage your business, and the Australian International Trade Association will be there to talk you through what is possible with regards to your business.

There are a lot of people who are going to come to the Australian International Trade Association to get the help that they need because that is the only way that they are going to be able to get any help for anything that they are doing. You just need to start asking to make sure that you know what is going on, and then you can learn a lot of things that are going to help you with your business. You need to remember that you are going to be able to get help when you need it, and you will have to start thinking about what you are going to be able to do to have a better business.

Increase Your Revenue Through Business Coaching

Increase Your Revenue Through Business Coaching

Business coaching is an excellent route for business owners to take, as this outside, second opinion on their business structure and execution can make a world of difference. A lot of business owners and general people in the business world are completely unaware that they can actually get outside help for their internal structure of their business. There are a huge amount of things that business coaching businesses can help companies out with, from their marketing techniques, the way they deal with their customers and clients, the way they are structured and all sorts of other things. A business has a huge amount of components that all need to be working together correctly in order to be as efficient as possible. While a business can have a few squeaky wheels, there is a good chance that they are still going to be making a decent amount of money, especially if they have a good product or service. A lot of times a business will have either an excellent product, or will be very appealing in terms of customer service and interaction with their customers, which can lead to a lot of repeat business.

However, a business may be making major mistakes with the manufacturers that they buy their products from, they may not be accounting properly, or they may have any type of internal problem that is holding them back. Businesses like this may benefit greatly by investing in business coaching, which can help them from the inside out. A lot of the time there is not a huge amount of things that need to be changed and adjusted, but you may be surprised on the amount of revenue that doing small things can fix. One of the best parts about business coaching is the fact that businesses can smooth out and silence their squeaky wheels, which can make life a lot easier, not just for the owners of the business, but for each employee that works for the company. Business coach Melbourne is beneficial for just about all companies, so even if your company is succeeding, it may take you to the next level.

Office Furniture Melbourne

Office Furniture Melbourne
Office Furniture Melbourne Businesses Need at Affordable Prices

The office furniture Melbourne businesses need is located at online or brick-and-mortar stores. Law firms, medical facilities and educational institutions need to have desks, chairs and tables to conduct business with clients or teach students. To save money on the office furniture Melbourne business owners require, it is essential to find a supplier who is offering wholesale prices and bulk quantities.

A brick-and-mortar supplier will have a showroom for viewing the office furniture Melbourne with klein.com.au companies need. An online supplier will have a website with full-color photographs and complete descriptions of products with information such as measurements. With the information provided by a good seller, it is easier for a business manager to understand how to select the correct sizes of computer desks, worktables or desk chairs that are required for a school, attorney’s office or medical clinic.

In addition, to have a decorative ambience in a workplace environment for both customers and workers, it is simple to understand the different wood grain or paint colors of the office furniture Melbourne businesses plan to buy. Clients and customers are always more attracted to conducting business in an environment that looks clean and modern. A smart office furniture Melbourne seller will also offer free shipping or delivery when a shopper makes a minimum purchase.

To order the office furniture Melbourne customers need, a seller makes it easy to order its merchandise with monthly payment plans or by accepting personal checks, credit cards or cash. There is no reason for a business to delay buying new tables, desks or chairs because sellers make the process simple and fast by providing excellent service to customers.

Offered By Building Designers Melbourne

Offered By Building Designers Melbourne


Melbourne is the capital city of Australia and the most popular town in the state of Victoria. The name Melbourne means a location of city agglomeration, crossing 9,900km2 and includes the urban border area in addition to being the common name for the city center. It is located on the port bay of Port Philips. It is comprised of 31 municipalities and those who inhibit the city are referred to as Melburnians


The city is known for its combination of modern architectural designers Melbourne which interconnects with a broad range of nineteenth and early twentieth-century constructions. Some of these buildings include world’s legacy of Royal Exhibition Building, which got constructed for over a two year period, intended for Melbourne International Exhibition. Architectural designers Melbourne designed most of the buildings in the A.C. Goode House. These is a gothic building situated at the Collins Street and got designed by architects Beaver, Reed & Wright in 1981.


Flinders Street Station which was built in 1909, St Paul’s Cathedral constructed in 1891 and the William Wardell’s Gothic Bank established in 1883 are among the structures that have prevailed to date due to their strong architectural integrity and design.


Among the most prolific architectural designers Melbourne is the Wolf Architects. Building designers Melbourne at http://www.luxurylivinghomes.com.au are more than just a practice as distinct from their reputation. The company’s mission is to improve lives through the particular focus on building models with accountability to the environment and also the clients. They believe that integrity and durability of a good design can bring comfort to the customer’s lives.


Architectural designers Melbourne developments have their headquarters in Melbourne, and it is among the leading authority in architectural design for commercial property. Catering to a vast base of commercial constructions OTS events maintains an extensive customer base offering services like commercial renovations among others.